Vaasa Energy Institute

A cluster of energy experts

A remarkable part of Finnish energy cluster operates in Vaasa region; in addition to the numerous industrial companies operating within the realm of energy, there also is diverse energy know-how in the local educational institutions. Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) is a cooperation organisation to combine the know-how within the field of energy, and was founded by the University of Vaasa Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Technology and Levón Institute together with the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences.

The function and the areas of expertise

The function of Vaasa Energy Institute is to offer energy research, marketing, consultancy and supplementary training services to energy actors at local, domestic and international levels. The know-how of the Energy Institute combines business and technical expertise in a unique manner.

Areas of emphasis: markets, technology and renewable energy sources

A strong basis is formed by the long-term, internationally acknowledged know-how to do with energy markets, and the long-term research tradition with international perspectives within energy companies' network business, particularly the efficiency of logistics. The points of emphasis within energy technology in particular are electrical energy systems, covering the interlinked automation, data and data communication technology applications, and diesel and gas engines. VEI promotes solutions in the field of energy based on sustainable development, and, in particular, the efficient, competitive energy markets and the usage of renewable energy sources.
The national centre for expertise for energy technology lies in Vaasa, in a region with a remarkable amount of industry and industrial development. Vaasa also has various research units and programs with an emphasis on research on energy-related issues.

The parts of Vaasa Energy Institute

The Energy Institute brings together the energy experts from the University of Vaasa (Levón Institute, the Faculty of Technology and VaasaEMG), from the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and from Novia University of Applied Sciences. The board of management responsible for the operation of Vaasa Energy Institute comprises a representative from each of the involved units. More information about Vaasa energy Institute: