Sustainable energy technology

Sustainable energy technology is about dealing with social issues in environmental- and energy engineering. Minimizing environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency means concentrating on selected parts of energy production, distribution and use.

We focus on sustainable, new technology for increased energy efficiency and a higher rate of renewable energy. This is achieved through system thinking, often from a multidisciplinary perspective and in collaboration with Novia's other focus areas.

We work with versatile equipment and exceptional knowledge in both measurement technology and analysis. We teckle environmental issues from different angles, with focus on the local environment. Especially indoor environment research has a visible role in the work towards energy efficient and intelligent buildings.

Another important area is the cycle of nutrients, where research in the biogas sector is a priority of the future. In the wind power sector, Novia UAS is already a reputable player.

Our RDI in Sustainable energy technology: 

  • Has a strong foundation in the internationally recognized energy cluster in the Vaasa region, and is profiling with a solid project knowledge.
  • Has a broad knowledge in measuring and sampling technology as well as multivariate data management within vibration spectroscopy and wind measurement.
  • Develops new methods for production and use of renewable energy where decentralized and sustainable energy distribution systems cover all intelligent system solutions.

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