Ruslan Gunko


MSc, PhD student
Bioeconomy Research Team
Raseborgsvägen 9
FI-10600 Ekenäs
ruslan.gunko [at]





Research interests

  • societal impacts of environmental management
  • climate change effects on society
  • interaction between habitats and species


I am a PhD student working with my project "State of the environment as a determinant of life quality: a local scale approach". My supervisors are Patrik Karell and Lauri RapeliAim of the project is find a strong link between the state of the coastal environment and intensity of land use practice, a strong positive association between life quality and the state of the environment, an interconnection between subjective environmental data and socio-economic aspects, and differences in how inhabitants experience the state of the environment in relation to objective data depending on their relationship to the coastal environment. The results will provide potential solutions for mitigating climate change effects through changes in land use practice and spatial planning. Area of interest in my PhD project is Raseborg.