Arts, culture and entrepreneurship

Arts, culture and entrepreneurship has an established project activity that develops the business conditions in the cultural industry from study time to professional establishment. The Arts, cultur and entrepreneurship unit has an unique profile and is built on close co-operation with the industry in the region, which makes it also internationally interesting.

The cultural and creative industries are mentioned in greater and more important contexts as a future sector. The focus area Culture & Entrepreneurship focuses on projects that develop the regional business structures in the cultural and creative industries. At the same time, the projects are rooted in Nordic and international partnerships and projects.

Our activities within Arts, cultur and entrepreneurship

  •  Combine new business models and entrepreneurial thinking with deep artistry and creativity.
  • Proficient with a diverse knowledge of entrepreneurship, business development and cultural exports, both within cultural education and in the region.
  • Constantly enter new ways to work efficiently around development projects in the form of organization, leadership, project management and concept development.


Annual Report 2016