Research, Development and Innovation

The Research, Development and innovation, RDI, at Novia University of Applied Sciences  support a genuine joint effort between the UAS and the regional businesses and industries. Our research and development activity is developed as a part of the Finnish innovation system through strategically chosen, long-term partners.  

Research, development and innovation means producing new knowledge, new or improved products, methods and services through systematic and methodical work. Novia UAS research and development activities follow Statistics Finland’s definitions and mainly take place in various projects financed largely by external means. Innovation activities follow the guidelines of the national road map for RDI activities. Research, development and innovation are rooted in education and the needs of working life. Novia UAS maintains special expertise in five areas which form the basis for the FUI activities of the institutions.

Our areas of expertise - Foundation of our common areas of strength

Novia UAS areas of strength are sustainable solutions, entrepreneurship and Nordic dimension. In addition to this, we have special knowledge in a number of narrower areas. Where we belong to the top polytechnics in the country. You can find out more about our special knowledge on each page.

  • Automation and martime simulation
  • Arts, culture and entrepreneurship
  • Bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources
  • Business development 
  • Interprofessional health and welfare
  • Sustainable energy technology

Active projects

Our activities include research and development projects, services, investigations and consultant tasks. The research projects include national and international collaboration projects with Åbo Akademi University and other Universities/ Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and abroad. Our ongoing projects are listed under our five special expertice areas.