On this page you can download and print the following forms:

Application for Change of UAS - If you want to transfer to Novia UAS from your current UAS. Transfer students must submit an electronic application form through the service during the following application periods; 1-15 May (for studies beginning in the autumn) and 1-15 November (for studies beginning in the spring).

Application for Change of Degree Programme - If you are already registered at Novia UAS but you want to change your degree programme, specialization alternative, profile studies or location within Novia UAS.

Registration for Attendance and non-Attendance- If you want to register or change your attendance or non-attendance registration, and you are unable to register electronically.

Application for Extended Duration of Studies- If you have used your maximum duration of study (normal duration of study + one year) and need a little more time to complete your studies. The fee for this service is 50 €.

Application for Reinstated Right to Study - If you have lost your right to study at Novia UAS, for example if you forgot to make the registration for attendance or non-attendance in time. The fee for this service is 50 €.

Termination of Studies - If you want to end your studies at Novia and cancel your study place. Remember that it is also possible to register as non-attending if you want to have a break in your studies and continue studying later, if so use the form for registration of attendance or non-attendance instead. 

Other forms needed during the studies can be found on the Intranet.