Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students at Novia UAS 2018

The tuition fees for the academic year 2018-19 (1 August 2018 - 31 July 2019), are set per degree programme/per academic year. The total cost indicates the total fee for a degree, if the studies are completed according to the curriculum as full-time or part-time studies respectively. Full-time studies correspond to 60 credits/academic year. The total fee will vary according to the number of academic semesters needed to complete the studies. The studies may be completed in fewer academic semesters only in exceptional cases.  Read about the decision here. 

The tuition fees do not concern those who are:

  • already enrolled at Novia UAS (before 2017)
  • enrolled in Swedish degree programmes
  • EU/EEA citizens or their close family members (children or spouse)
  • residing in Finland or the EU/EEA on a permanent basis (has one of the following: continuous residence permit (type A), permanent residence permit (type P/P-EU) or has the EU-Blue card).  

More information about whom is required to pay tuition fees can also be found here.

There is a scholarship system in place for students required to pay the tuition fee. Students can apply for the scholarship before the beginning of their second year of studies (as fee-paying students). The scholarship will be granted based on success in previous studies at Novia UAS. Read more about the scholarship process here.

Bachelor Degree Programmes

  • Bachelor of Health Care
    210 ECTS/3,5 years, Vasa-Vaasa
    6 000 euro per academic year
    Total 21 000 euro
  • Bachelor of Marine Technology
    Maritime Management, Captain
    270 ECTS/4,5 years, Åbo-Turku
    6 000 euro per academic year
    Total 27 000 euro
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources
    Sustainable Coastal Management
    240 ECTS*/2 years, Raseborg-Raasepori
    6000 euro per academic year
    Total 12 000 euro

    * Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university
    level studies in a relevant field.

Master Degree Programmes

  • Master of Culture and Arts, 60 ECTS/1,5 years
    Master of Business Administration, 90 ECTS/2 years
    Master of Hospitality Management, 90 ECTS/2 years
    Leadership and Service Design
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total 13 500/18 000 euro
  • Master of Culture and Arts
    Entrepreneurship in the Arts
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Jakobstad - Pietarsaari
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total 13 500 euro
  • Master of Natural Resources
    Natural Resource Management
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Raseborg-Raasepori
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total  13 500 euro
  • Master of Engineering/
    Master of Marine Technology
    Maritime Management
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Åbo-Turku
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total 13 500 euro
  • Master of Engineering
    Autonomous Maritime Operations
    60 ECTS/1,5 years, Åbo-Turku
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total 13 500 euro
  • Master of Engineering
    Automation Technology
    60 ECTS/1 year full-time studies or 2 years part-time studies, Vasa-Vaasa
    9 000 euro per academic year
    Total 9 000 euro full-time studies,
    18 000 euro part-time studies