Thomas Fabian, Maritime Management, Captain

thomas fabianBachelor of Marine Technology, Maritime Management, Captain, Turku


I did most of my schooling in Canada, with the last 4 years of High School being completed in Hungary. I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which is a city in the Western part of the country just east of the Rocky Mountains. I've mainly been working in Tourism before I came to Finland.

My choice of Maritime Management, Captain and studying in Finland

I worked on a cruise ship for six months at the Guest Relations Desk, and while I enjoyed the experience and the camaraderie with the crew, the job didn't really suit me. So I decided there must be some other role on board that might be more interesting. That's when I talked to a deck officer who told me all about his job. When I got back on land I decided I would start looking for maritime schools in Canada, and in Europe. I searched the internet for maritime schools in Europe, and Novia was one of the first hits. I had never been to Finland before, but figured it would be a good adventure!

My life as a student

So far it's a been a great experience! Even though Turku is quite a small city, it's quite lively, and so there is never a dull moment!

Plans for the future

I'm currently in my 3rd year of studies, and starting in January I'd like to go out to sea for a longer period of time to gather the sea time needed to graduate (360 days in total). Afterwards I'd like to finish up my last year of studies, and graduate as soon as possible.

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