Supplementary Application 2-23.7

An additional application will be arranged between 2 -23 July for degree programmes that have open study places after the joint application. Apply online at during the application period. See for details about the admission criteria and entrance examinations.

The following English degree programmes are in the additional application 2018:



Step by step

1. Submit your application online at during the application period 2 - 23 July 2018 

2. Submit your application attachments to the admissions services latest on 31 July 2018 at 3 pm.

3. Wait an invitation to the entrance examinations (from the 3 August 2018 at the earliest).

4. Prepare for the entrance examinations and participate in the examinations in 6-10 August 2018.

5. Wait for the decision on student admission to be published from 20 August 2018

6. If you are an admitted student, remember to confirm your study place before 31 August 2018 at 3 pm.