International Week

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Novia University of Applied Sciences is happy to invite you to our second International Week taking place on June 1-5, 2015 in Vaasa and Jakobstad, Finland.

The focus of the week will be on Supervision, Counseling and Guidance from different perspectives, with an opportunity to learn about and discuss concepts related to guiding International students and Students with learning difficulties as well as challenges related to Thesis writing, Performance Indicators, Becoming a Professional in your own field, Entrepreneurship in Art Education, Portfolio as Learning Method. 

We look forward to active participation in discussions in order to make comparisons of best practices in each participant's home institution, thus enhancing the learning opportunities for all involved. Therefore we welcome participation of both faculty members and administrative staff.

The week will also be a perfect opportunity to network with staff of Novia University of Applied Sciences, as well as discover our campuses in the cities of Vaasa and Jakobstad.

Application deadline: April 20, 2015

The number of participants is restricted to 20. We shall announce the selected participants to all applicants per e-mail by 24 April, 2015.

For questions kindly email camilla.moliis@novia.fi

Please, share this invitation among your colleagues throughout your university!

Best wishes,
Camilla Moliis, Camilla Pundars-Mitts and Isabelle Bonnet
International Office: international@novia.fi



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