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Peter Björkroth - Maritime podcast

  • Minnessjukdom och vi

  • Minnessjukdomar och vi

  • Samtal om närståendevård, Diakonissa, del 2.

  • Samtal om närståendevård. Diakonissa, Del 1

  • MacGyvers or Human Drones - what will future seafarers be like? (Agnieszka Hynnekleiv Part 1)

  • Agnieszka Hynnekleiv, Part 2. Positive psychology and mental training for seafarers

  • Technology, Humanity and Maritime Business with Alexander Avanth

  • Autonomous Vessels - What new legislation is needed?

  • Women onboard - a possibility to improve conditions for the whole crew!

  • Peter Björkroth - Maritime podcast