30.03.2021 | Kommentarer

The Västankvarn Wetland

The wetland in Västankvarn was created to improve the natural system that capture excessive nutrients from nearby fields. By doing this most of the nutrients are stopped before they reach the sea. The project has been made with the help of the WWF. The site is ideal for a wetland because of the flooding that happens every year in the area.
The wetland was completed in 2019 but this year the vegetation has started to grow and that makes the wetland complete. In the future more research will be done to determine the benefits from the creation of the wetland and the effects it has on the surrounding environment. The wetland is between 30 and 90 cm deep. The wetland is located in Ingå, Finland. The Novia University of Applied Sciences and Skogssällskapet were also involved in the project. The wetland is located 830 meters from the Västankvarn farm. The nutrient rich water comes from two large ditches. The wetland is 1.2 hectares in size.
During the construction phase the wet and soft soil caused problems for the excavator. They had to use a special platform, similar to a barge to be able to excavate the site for the wetland. They excavated 8900 cubic meters of soil to be able to create the wetland. Some parts of the wetland are deeper to create a more efficient filtration. Sometime in the future they have to remove sediment that gets stuck in the wetland. Twice a year the grass around the wetland is cut.