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20.03.2021 | Kommentarer

Raw Material and Waste Management

The current demand for salmon fish is skyrocketing. And to meet this demand, hundreds of fish farms have turned their attention to salmon fish production. However, in most cases, these fish farms are not economically and environmentally sustainable. Most fish farms are in a very bad position in waste management. So, at the same time, there is a need to meet the demand for salmon fish for all these people and focus on waste management for a sustainable environment.
Nowadays with the advancement of technology, the matter of waste management has become much easier than before. Most fish farms now use waste material as raw material for other purposes. If we think from that point of view, we can see that basically there is nothing as waste material, everything is being used as raw material. As interesting as the idea may sound, it is not. Many fish farms are coming up with a statement that they are not producing any waste, as all their waste is being used as raw material. But the matter is not one hundred percent true. Because these waste treatments are so expensive, fish farms often do not comply with them properly, because they have to keep the economy in mind.
Some salmon fish farms claim that they re-make fish meal with the waste material that the original product contains after marketing. This food is not given to all fish from which these waste materials come but is used as food for other species of fish. The next step is to make biodiesel from fish fat or use it to produce power. And all these products are used for fish farm maintenance. Which plays a very important role in the sustainable development of the fish farm.