Competition Rules

The competition rules for 2018, click here!



The registartion fee is € 45 per entry.

The regstration will be open 1 December 2017 - 18 February 2018.

Registration is binding and the fee is charged for all entered and authorised contributions, even if they are ultimately not submitted to the contest.

To be included in the contest your application must have been received within the registration period.

The products should be submitted on Wednesday Marsch 21st at 13:00-20:00 to Novia University of Apllied Scienses, Raaseporintie 9, Tammisaari. No unauthorised products are permitted. If you do not have the possibility to bring the product to Tammisaari yourself, please send them with somebody else from your region or send them by post. Read more about import of foodstuff to Finland, click here.

The competition essentially follows rules created by Eldrimner, which is a Swedish resource center for food artisans. The competition is organised according to a well-functioning concept that Eldrimner developed over many years. The Eldrimner organisation was founded in 1995 in Jämtland, Sweden and became a national resource center in 2005. Eldrimner conveys knowledge, support and inspiration to food artisans in Sweden and the Nordic countries, throughout their professional careers.

Definition of Artisan Food
Within the discipline, unique products are crafted with rich tastes, high quality and distinct identities. The products are manufactured primarily using local or domestic raw materials which are carefully processed on a small scale and often on a farm or small business. This food is characterized by the presence of the human hand and know-how throughout the production chain.



Send your questions to the following persons:

Ann-Louise Erlund

Information about the event and Seminar Programme

Mobile: +358 (0)44 799 8406


Harriet Strandvik

Information about jury groups and assessment

Mobile: +358 (0)457 345 1039


Jonas Harald

Information about registering, classes and rules

Mobile: +358 (0)50 548 3400