The Nerds´ table

The Nerd´s table, Thusday 22.3.2018 at 18:00 at Hotel Sea Front, restaurant Strandis, Vitsippsgatan 2, 10600 Ekenäs.

"The Nerd's Table" is part of the Finnish Championship's seminar program and is a free-form meeting point. At the restaurant there will be industry-related tables with signs indicating each discussion topic or meeting point (Fruits & Berries, Cereals, Milk, Fish, Vegetables, Herbs & Mushrooms, and Meat). We hope to encourage networking in a fashion similar to speed dating. The purpose of this is to meet, present oneself, explore challenges, expand knowledge and experience, exchange business cards and/or taste samples within an area of interest. The idea is based on the idea that the participants themselves set the agenda for the content, while the association creates the frameworks and the prerequisites for networking and knowledge sharing. At each "nerd-table" there is a moderator. You can buy food and drinks on site!

strandisThe evening is arranged by the the Finnish Artisanal Food Association.