Import of Foodstuff to Finland

From the EU:
You are generally allowed to bring in foodstuffs of animal origin from the EU to Finland without restrictions.

Don’t forget to take the spreading of the African Swine Fever into account, though. Due to African Swine Fever, there are at the moment restrictions about bringing meat from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Italy. 

From outside the EU:
Bringing in foodstuffs from outside the EU is subject to restrictions, and these regulations are supervised by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. For example, you are not allowed to bring in meat, meat products, milk or dairy products. You are allowed to bring in 20 kg of fishery products or one gutted fish regardless of its weight.

Further Information:

All goods that arrive from outside the EU must be cleared through customs. Incoming goods from outside the EU must be declared to customs if their value exceeds € 22 or, in the case of items sent as gifts, € 45.

Further Information: