The library of Novia University of Applied Sciences in Raseborg is an integrated part of the public library in Ekenäs and provides library services for the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Construction Engineering
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Environmenatl Planner
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Forestry
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Landscape Planning and Design
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management (in English)
  • Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management (in English)


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Contact information:

Raseborgsvägen 8, 10600 Ekenäs
phone (019) 289 2950 

Staff of Novia University of Applied Sciences:

Malin Wikström-Orre
Information Specialist
phone (019) 224 8141

For opening hours, please visit Raseborgs stadsbibliotek