In Jakobstad the Novia library is a part of Tritonia, that is a joint library and learning centre for Novia University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad, the Vocational Education and Training at Centria and Åbo Akademi’s Department of Early Childhood Education.

For opening hours and more information, please visit www.tritonia.fi

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Contact information:

Campus Allegro/Biblioteket, Runebergsgatan 8, 68600 Jakobstad
Telefon (06) 324 7846
e-mail: allegro@tritonia.fi

Staff of Novia University of Applied Sciences:

Tina Hagnäs-Dubloo
Library Sekretary
Telefon (06) 328 5136

Tritonia Allegro

Tritonia Allegro provides library services for the following degree programme at Novia University of Applied Science in Jakobstad:

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Visual Artist
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Designer
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Media
  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Musician/Mucis Educator
  • Master of Culture and Arts, Entrepreneurship in Arts