LES: Life quality in Raseborg

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Project name: Linking Environment and Society: Life quality in Raseborg

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Project information

Our project aims at combining understanding the relationship between (objective) estimates of the state of the coastal environmental data with subjective survey data on a local detailed scale. The objective environmental data consists of unique detailed assessments of the state of coastal waters, which has been collected in the Raseborg municipality. The socioeconomic data in the research will be obtained through a survey, where respondents can express their opinions about the state of the environment while I simultaneously receive demographic parameters about these inhabitants. 
The results will provide potential solutions for mitigating climate change effects through changes in land use practice and spatial planning. Most importantly, we aim to understand the societal importance and economic benefits of ecologically sustainable and understanding how important they are for the society. Furthermore, it will give exemplary estimating economical benefits of sustainable development in the region. Moreover, the results can will be used as a relevant tool for policymakers in the region. The developedis method framework can be modified and applied to different regions in Finland. One of the cornerstones of this method is involving society for assessing and promoting the environment. Thus, it can be used as a new operating model for achieving sustainable development and high life quality standards.

Project team: Ruslan Gunko, Patrik Karell, Lauri Rapeli, Timo Vuorisalo and Matias Scheinin.

Contact: ruslan.gunko@novia.fi