Lantbruk 2.0 - Agriculture 2.0

Lantbruk 2.0 – Agriculture 2.0 is a project about sustainable rural livelihoods in Uusimaa, Finland. The project is funded by The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. Out focus lies on the climate, circular economy and a vital, profitable food production system.

Rural entrepreneurship is essential to shift the focus from an increase in production of food to an increase in profitability and sustainability. New ways of cooperation and thinking is needed on the Finnish countryside. The entrepreneur will have to think about profiling a product as interesting, unique and as a sustainable choice for the consumer. To produce food in a sustainable manner, permaculture and regenerative agriculture can provide useful insights. To increase the amount of humus in farm soil is possible through e.g. crop rotation, growing a diverse range of different species, recycling farm waste and tilling the earth as little as possible. As a result, the soil sequesters more CO2 and is more resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also, when the soil is vital, the crop gets its own individual taste and quality which easily disappears in big food chains. Therefore, selling sustainably grown agricultural products through alternative food networks such as farmer’s markets and REKO-distributions and can be the best option. These networks give the producer more power to influence the process and distribution and the consumer gets a direct contact with the farmer. All this is possible both in large-scale and small-scale farming.