Tuition fees

If you are required to pay tuition fees for your studies, you cannot register for the semester/academic year before you have paid the tuition fee. 

You pay the tuition fee here: . The payments can be made for the entire academic year or for one academic semester at a time (autumn/spring). The first payment must be made in connection with the last day for confirming your study place. When the payment of the tuition fee has been made you can register for the academic year or the academic semester for which the fee has been paid. If paying in two instalments, the second payment must be made at the latest 1 JanuaryPlease notice that your admission is still conditional until your original school certificates have been checked. 

The tuition fees cover your studies only (the tuition fee does not include accommodation or any other type of benefits). Read more about the tuition fees here.

Documents exempting you from tuition fees

If you wish to be exempted from the tuition fees at Novia UAS you must provide documentation proving the grounds for exemption from the tuition fee. Provide a copy of the document(s) when confirming your study place or 14 days from the date of admission if you are selected from the waiting list. Send the copies to the Admissions Services using Novia's secure e-mail.

>> Finnish students (Finnish nationality) do not need to submit any documents, your nationality can be verified through the Population Information System (Väestötietorekisteri), the Population Register Centre, in Finland.

>> EU-students, please upload a copy of your passport identification page or national ID card in your application in Studyinfo.

>> Non EU/EEA students: If you are residing in Finland or the EU/EEA on a permanent basis and have one of the following: continuous residence permit (type A, issued for other than study purposes), permanent residence permit (type P/P-EU) or EU-Blue card, please upload a copy of your residence permit card in Studyinfo. The permit must be issued by the Finnish Immigration Service and be valid through 1.8.2022 for the autumn semester and through 1.1.2023 for the spring semester.

>> British citizens: British citizens are exempted from tuition fees if they have been granted right of residence under the withdrawal agreement (residence permit type SEU-sopimuksen 50-artikla) or right of permanent residence under the withdrawal agreement (residence permit type P SEU-sopimuksen 50 artikla) or have applied to register their EU right to residence in Finland. Please upload a copy of the residence permit or proof of a pending application in Studyinfo. 

Note! A type A permit issued for studies does not exempt you from tuition fees. 

If you are in any doubt whether you need to pay the fee or which documents to submit for exemption, please contact the Admissions Services.