Autonomous Martime Operations (Master)

Welcome to study Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations, part-time studies at Novia University of Applied Sciences!

The academic year begins with a first gathering on Thursday and Friday, 15-16th of February 2018, at 9 am on Thursday. The venue is Aboa Mare, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21, Turku.

During the first day, we will begin with the first course in the program, Master Studies - Introduction. The course includes information on practicalities concerning your studies, practicing the e-learning platform, research and research methods. It is advisable to participate, if possible.

Bring your original certificates, which you used in your application. Also bring identification.

The schedule for contact studies:

Introduction to studies and introduction to Marine Operations (5 cr)
• 15-16.2.2018
• 15-16.3.2018

Autonomous vessels - Automation (5 cr)
• 12-13.4.2018
• 17-18.5.2018

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Human - Machine Interaction (5 cr)
• 13-14.9.2018
• 11-12.10.2018

Cyber security and Connectivity (5 cr)
• 1-2.11.2018
• 13-14.12.2018

Remote Operations (5 cr)
• 10-11.1.2019
• 14-15.2.2019

Classification, qualification and safety perspectives (5 cr)
• 14-15.3.2019
• 11-12.4.2019

For further information:
Head of Degree Programme