Campus Raseborg

Congratulations on becoming a student at Novia University of Applied Sciences! You have probably already read the General information for new students in Novia UAS. Welcome to Raseborg!

Dean's Greeting

Dear student, eva

I wish your stay in Raseborg here will be happy and rewarding. Here you study with future bachelors in construction management, construction engineering, agriculture, forestry, natural resource management and landscape planning.

During the first week you will be introduced to the degree programme and get all the practical information you will need.

On Novia's webpage you can get to know your curriculum in advance.


Study Start Autumn 2018

The studies will commence on the 27 August 2018 at 10:00 (degree students) and at 11:00 (exchange students) at the Raseborg Campus, Raseborgsvägen 9 (Raaseporintie 9) in room B274.  During the first week of studies you get all the information that you need to get started, please plan to attend from Monday to Friday.

Read more on the Bachelor degree programme website:
- Sustainable Coastal Management, full-time studies

 Campus Information


Novia UAS does not offer student accommodation. Students are expected to arrange their own living before their arrival in Finland/or place of study. Apply for student living as soon as possible after receiving your decision on student admission to ensure that you have a place to stay. In Raseborg/Ekenäs there is a company that rents apartments on campus for students called Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter. These appartments have some furniture and internet.  If you want to live off campus there is an useful site on Facebook called "Raseborgs bostadsmarknad".

How to get to campus Raseborg?

Campus Raseborg is situated at Raseborgsvägen 9 in Ekenäs (Raaseporintie 9 in Tammisaari). If you arrive by car, you will find the parking lot in front of the main building. You can also take the train or the bus. The train station is a 10 minutes walk from campus and the bus stop is almost opposite of the main building.

More information:
Travel by train
Travel by bus

Membership in the student union Novium

A valid student card from the student union gives You discount on train and bus tickets and on student lunch (in Amica restaurants). There is an Amica restaurant called Atrium on campus. For more information please visit the student union's website.

Student Affairs Office at campus Raseborg

The Student Affairs Office at Campus Raseborg can assist you with student services once you have confirmed your study place, please find further information here.

During vacation, you can reach one of our student affairs officers at this e-mail

Information about Raseborg/Raasepori

Information for migrants to Raseborg

As a newly-arrived migrant to Raseborg, the first place for you to contact is the Västra Nylands Migrant Service. They are responsible for making sure you know how to find somewhere to live, understand how the health and social care systems work, and so on, please find further information here.

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