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Welcome as a student in Vaasa! General information for new students in Novia UAS

Dean's Greeting

Dear student, resizedimage406610 Novia Janica 5878

I would like to welcome you to your studies at Novia University of Applied Sciences and the degree programme Nursing. The studies will commence on the 27 August 2018 at 12 o'clock at Novias Campus in Vaasa, Wolffintie 31, in auditorium Florence (bottom floor). The first week of your studies include introduction to academic studies, information, and other practical matters.

Don't hesitate to contact me, the head of the degree programme or the office of student affairs if you have any questions.

I hope your stay here in Vaasa will be rewarding!

Tony Pellfolk

 Study Start Autumn 2018

The academic year 2018-2019 will begin on Monday 27 August at 12.00 am at the auditorium Florence, bottom floor. The school is situated at Wolffskavägen 31 in Vaasa. Please be on time. The first week is focused on information, introduction to academic studies and other practical matters.

Late arrivals: Students must arrive in Vaasa by 27th of August 2018. Students arriving later than the specified date are strongly urged to contact the Head of the degree programme ( Otherwise you might not be able to start your studies.

Campus Information

Campus Vasa is located in Palosaari in Vaasa. The campus is in a lively learning environment with around 13,000 students. It is easily accessible and is within walking distance from the city center and the bus and train station.

Student Affairs Office

Student affairs offices are located at every campus. The Student Affairs Office at Campus Vaasa can assist you with student services once you have confirmed your study place, please find further information here.

Bring Your Own Device, BYOD

Campus Vasa at Novia University of Applied Sciences is constantly working to improve and modernize the education and educational profile. Since computers have become a common part of our everyday work, all students, who begin their studies should have their own laptops for their studies.

Medical Record

Students admitted to Novia UAS, degree program in Nursing, who are non-Finnish citizens are required to show the health declaration form (Doctor’s Statement) duly filled in by a registered doctor and proof of vaccinations and tests. This needs to be done before 10 July at 3 pm! The forms and the information concerning health status are found here:

Doctor's Statement
Information concerning health status

If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact:
Katarina Holm, +35840 661 6356, or
Gunvi Hietamäki, +35840 673 1051,

Please send the information requested in a sealed envelope to:

The Students health Services / Katarina Holm
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Wolffskavägen 27-31 , FIN-65200 Vaasa, Finland

All information is strictly confidential and will be used by the health care personnel only. Please send the envelope no later than 10 July at 3pm!

Information about Vaasa


Novia UAS does not offer student accommodation. Students are expected to arrange their own living before their arrival in Finland/or place of study. Apply for student living as soon as possible after receiving your decision on student admission to ensure that you have a place to stay. Apartments in Vaasa can be rented from the Student Housing Foundation (VOAS). The most common accommodation is a "box apartment" consisting of a single room in a 3-room student apartment. Kitchen and bathrooms are shared with two or three other students. The monthly rent is 200–300 € depending on location. You also have to pay a deposit. This sum will be returned to you after you have moved out. Most "box apartments" are fully furnished.

Public Transport

Campus bus line 14, planned for students, traffics through Vöyrinkaupunki and Vetokannas to Palosaari campus three times per hour at 8.00-20.00. Also lines 1, 2, 3, and 15 and in the morning special line E1, traffic to Palosaari campus.

You can travel on Vaasa local transport buses using a single ticket, as well as with a Waltti season ticket or a value card (pay as you go card). Read more about the Waltti card here. Students get discount on bus journeys by presenting a certificate of full-time study. The certificate is obtained from the Student Affairs Office. This discount does not require that the student is permanently resident in Vaasa.

City of Vaasa's electronic bus travel planners are published at the The map-based Journey Planner shows local transport timetables and departure times of all Vasa bus stops in real-time. The Journey Planner works on both smartphone and computer.

The bus timetables are also available here.


Finland is a fairly expensive country and the living costs are quite high. You can find a rough estimate of the average costs for a student / month below. You might also need money for buying school material, winter clothes and you will have costs for travelling back and forth to school and practice placement and for participating in language courses arranged outside our University of Applied Sciences (about 30 €/year).

  • Monthly rent 200-300 €
  • Food 250-400 €
  • Transportation + other costs 150-200 €

tot. 550-900 €

It is difficult to get evening or weekend jobs in Vaasa without knowledge of the local languages (Finnish/Swedish). Therefore it is very important that you bring enough funds to support yourself during the study year. Please calculate a minimum of 700 € per month.

Useful links

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Contact Information

Irén Vikström

Maj-Len Dahl-Holm

Irén is back from her vacation on 13th of August.
Even during vacation, you can reach one of our student affairs officers at this e-mail