Maritime Management, Captain

Welcome to study Maritime Management, Captain at Novia University of Applied Sciences!

Study Start

The academic year begins with a first gathering during week 35. We will email you the exact date and time later. The venue is Campus Aboa Mare, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21 (Hertig Johans parkgata 21), Auriga Business Center, Turku.

During the first days you will get important information regarding your studies. Bring your laptop computer with you. Remember to bring your original certificates for verification. We need to verify the authenticity of the certificates that you submitted in your application 2021. Also bring your passport or other forms of official ID. You can prepare by downloading the Tuudo app on your mobile phone.

Medical Certificate for Seafarers

You must exhibit a valid Seafarers Medical Certificate (SMC) without restrictions for service in the deck department. The SMC must be issued by specific health care centres in Finland. The first health examination (pre-sea examination) must be performed by a Seamen’s Physician at a Seafarers’ Health Care Centre. The health certificate must be recent, no older than three months.

List of Seafarer’s Health Care Centres in Finland.

A copy of the SMC must be sent or brought to school by 6.9.2021 to:

Novia University of Applied Sciences
Student Affairs Office
Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21/Auriga Business Center
20100 Turku

Admission is conditional until you have presented your SMC and Novia UAS can withdraw the admission if the Seaman's Medical Certificate is not provided by the set time or the certificate states that the applicant is not suitable for a career at sea. Please note that applicants that suffer from colour blindness are not considered suitable for pursuing a career at sea.

The physician must be certified by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) to conduct a seaman's medical examination. Admitted students who reside in countries other than Finland should get the health examination in Finland. You can get an extension for submitting the health certificate, please contact the Student Affairs Office.
The medical certificate must include following information:

  • The person is physically and mentally fit for the tasks at hand and he/she does not have such an injury, disability or illness that can either prevent or distinctly hinder the completion of his/her work.
  • The person's vision, colour vision and hearing must meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's Decree.
  • The person does not have an illness that can be assumed to either worsen or be harmful to other people on board or the safety of seafaring.

Guidelines for vision and hearing

Seaman's medical examination form

Here are contact details to a few Seamen’s Health Care Centres:

Turku Seamen’s Health Care Centre

Hämeenkatu 10, 20500 Turku, appointment booking +358 (0)2 2679000, Monday-Thursday 7:45-16:00, Friday 7:45-15:15.

Helsinki Seamen’s Health Care Centre

Ratapihankatu 11, 5th floor, Helsinki, appointment booking +358 (0)9 83922012, open Monday-Friday 8-16.

Contact Details

Questions regarding admission practicalities can be directed to Novia Admissions Services:

Head of Degree Programme