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Congratulations on becoming a student at Novia University of Applied Sciences and welcome to Campus Aboa Mare in Turku! 

General information for new students in Novia UAS

Study Start

The academic year begins with a first gathering on Monday 31.8. or Tuesday 1.9. in small groups. The venue is Aboa Mare, Juhana Herttuan puistokatu 21 (Hertig Johans parkgata 21), Auriga Business Center, Turku. We will contact you by email regarding which date and time has been reserved for you.

Bachelor's Degree Programmes:

- Bachelor of Martime Management, Maritime Management, Captain

- Bachelor of EngineeringMaritime Technology

 Master's Degree Programmes:

- Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations (part-time)

- Master of Engineering, Maritime Management (part-time)

Campus Information

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Bring Your Own Device, BYOD

Campus Aboa Mare at Novia University of Applied Sciences is constantly working to improve and modernize the education and educational profile. Since computers have become a common part of our everyday work, all students, who begin their studies should have their own laptops for their studies Bring Your Own Device praxis. The computer should have an internet connection and a web camera, so that the student can participate with own picture and sound during possible distance learning.

The campus will continue to have computer rooms, especially for the parts of the study work that require heavier software and special equipment.

The equipment should be suitable for the following

  • taking notes
  • writing with word processing programmes and use of presentation software
  • use of ebooks and other interactive material
  • connect to the school’s wireless network
  • use of both video and online-material
  • participate in collaborative writing
  • distribution of electronic documents with teachers and students
  • when necessary, use of specific software if required by the course


  • we recommend laptops
  • for normal usage, 13-14 inch screen. For graphic work, we recommend a 15 inch screen or larger.
  • we also recommend that you acquire a computer with enough capacity for the planned schoolwork (the amount of memory and processing capacity as well as type and size of the hard drive.)
  • we recommend acquiring a computer that has good quality and that can run for a few hours between charges .
  • the recommended operative system is Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X has limited support.
  • Linux and other operative systems are not supported 


Office 365 ProPlus service gives students and staff the opportunity to download the Office suite for free and install it on their own private computer at home. You can install Office to 5 computers (PC or Mac) and 5 mobile devices (tablets and smart phones).

The following programs are included in the Microsoft Office package: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Skype for Business, InfoPath, OneDrive for business 


The student association at Juhana herttuan puistokatu 21 (Hertig Johans parkgata 21) in Turku is called ENÅ. To find out more about ENÅ, follow the links below:


Information about Turku


Novia UAS does not offer student accommodation. Students are expected to arrange their own living before their arrival in Finland/or place of study. Apply for student living as soon as possible after receiving your decision on student admission to ensure that you have a place to stay. The Student Village Foundation of Turku rents apartments for students in Turku.

Lumo: Rental apartments in Turku

Housing Anywhere
The Housing Anywhere platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securily book accommodation prior to your arrival. As a student/intern at Novia UAS you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on Housing Anywhere. Sign up here to receive a Novia VIP profile on Housing Anywhere.com. 

Useful Links

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Student Affairs Office

Student affairs offices are located at every campus. The Student Affairs Office at Campus Åbo, Hertig Johans parkgata 21 - Juhana herttuan puistokatu 21 in Turku can assist you with student services once you have confirmed your study place, please find further information here. During vacation, you can reach one of our student affairs officers at this e-mail studentservices@novia.fi

Student Affairs Officer at Campus Aboa Mare