Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes

Bachelor Degree Programmes

Health and Welfare

  • Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, 210 ECTS/3,5 years, full-time studies, Vaasa
  • Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care, 210 ECTS/3,5 years, full-time studies, Vaasa No admission 2022

Technology and Seafaring

  • Bachelor of Maritime Management, Maritime Management, Captain 270 ECTS/4,5 years, full-time or part-time studies, Turku
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Maritime Technology, 270 ECTS/4,5 years, full-time studies, Turku  
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Energy Technology, 240 ECTS (2 years), Vaasa New 2022
    Notice! Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university level studies in a relevant field.


  • Bachelor of  Culture and Arts, Fine Arts, 240 ECTS/4 years, part-time studies, Pietarsaari No admission 2022


  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management, 240 ECTS, (2 years),
    full-time studies, Raasepori Notice! Eligibility criteria: 120 ECTS of previous university level studies in a relevant field.


Master Degree Programmes


  • Master of Business Administration, Digital Business and Management, 90 ECTS, Vaasa
  • Master of Business Administration, Service Design, 90 ECTS, Turku

Health and Welfare 

  • Master of Health Care/Master of Social Services, Health Care and Social Services, 90 ECTS, Online studies

Technology and Seafaring

  • Master of Engineering, Automation Technology,  60 ECTS,  Vaasa
  • Master of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, 60 ECTS, Vaasa 
  • Master of Engineering, Structural Engineering, 60 ECTS, Raasepori New 2022
  • Master of Engineering/Master of Maritime Management, 60 ECTS, Turku 
  • Master of Engineering, Autonomous Maritime Operations, 60 ECTS, Turku 

Natural Resources

  • Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Management (online studies), 60 ECTS, Online studies 


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