CoMET - Internationally Competitive Maritime Education for Modern Seagoing and High Quality Port Ser

Period: 01.03.2018 - 15.12.2021

Innehåll: This project aims to connect maritime simulator centers across the Baltic Sea.
Simulator connectivity enables students to train within same virtual learning
environment where multi-cultural communication and team working are integral
parts of the training.

The main overall objective of the project is to improve transboundary and
transnational maritime education. From the strategical aspect, there are many
driven forces for improved transboundary and transnational maritime education.

This project will be increasing the student’s knowledge of future requirements
and increases possibility to be employed internationally. The student’s
knowledge and skills will be enhanced from the perspective of seafarers and
port’s specialists education serving international shipping companies. The
quality of international education, the competence of simulator center related
personnel and the capacity of maritime education institutions offering
international education will also be increased.

Interreg – Central Baltic and the European Regional Development Fund, finances
the project.

Fokusområde: Fartygssimulation

Campus: Åbo Aboa Mare

Finansiärer: Interreg - Central Baltic,

Projektägare: Kotkan-Haminan seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä/Joint Educational Authority of Kotka - Hamina Region (Ekami)

Projektledare: Bo Lindroos