Aronia seminarium 26.3.2015 kl 14 "Macroalgal communities as indicators of the state of the sea"

26.3.2015 at 14.00
Novia Campus Raseborg
Room B149


Henna Rinne, Åbo Akademi University

Macroalgal communities as indicators of the state of the sea

Due to requirements set in the EU Directives, the macroalgal communities should be used in assessing the status of the coastal areas. However, the scientific knowledge on factors affecting the occurrence and distribution of a variety of macroalgal species in the northern Baltic Sea is still scarce, and quantitative information on eutrophication related changes in macroalgal communities is also largely lacking. In my PhD thesis I studied the effects of different environmental factors (both natural and eutrophication related) on macroalgal distribution and community composition in the northern Baltic Sea, to support the use of macroalgae in managing rocky coastal areas. In addition, I tested metrics that could potentially be used in measuring change in macroalgal communities occurring due to anthropogenic pressures, and developed practical tools for mapping macroalgal habitats.

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