Aronia seminarie 30.10.2014 kl 14 "Project KRAV developed a GIS based classification method for wate

Aronia seminar
Novia Campus Raseborg
Room B149

Heidi Ekholm, Novia University of Applied Sciences

"Project KRAV developed a GIS based classification method for water- and land areas and constructed a management tool for the environmental authorities of Raseborg"


The main results of the KRAV* project will be presented at the Aronia seminar on the 30th October at 2 pm. A classification method in GIS was developed, which accounts for both ecological and geohydrological factors and results in a zonation of land- and water areas according to level of sensitivity. This zonation will form the bases for management measured taken by environmental authorities in Raseborg, mainly concerning on-site wastewater treatment, but hopefully also other human activities. In a way this so called GIS-based management tool is a first attempt in Raseborg to process environmental information into a form, which can be easily used by environmental authorities and other interested parties.

During the seminar results from the multicriteria analyses ("Web-HIPRE") performed in the spring of 2013 will also be briefly presented. Some Aronia researchers kindly took part in the multicriteria analyses, which was undertaken in order to establish importance (weights) of the various classification factors in relation to one another. These weights were later applied in the classification method.

Project KRAV welcomes you to come and hear about our achievements and to give your response on these. Additionally you will learn about data and material collected during the project, which will be available to Aronia and Novia for future use.

*KRAV = Classification of water- and land areas of Raseborg – a tool for management of on-site wastewater treatment and other water management measures

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