After you have been nominated by your home university, the next step is to apply for admission via a system called SoleMove. 

Please follow these steps to complete your SoleMove application:

↓ Step 1: Activate your account

↓ Step 2: Log in to SoleMove

↓ Step 3: Create an application

↓ Step 4: Fill in the application

↓ Step 5: Upload enclosures

↓ Step 6: Check and send application

↓ Step 7: Submit a Learning Agreement

Step 1: Activate your account

A SoleMove account will be created for you after we have received the nomination from your home institution. 

You will then receive an email from containing your username and instructions on how to activate your SoleMove account. 

If you can't see the e-mail in your inbox, please check the spam folder before contacting us. 

Step 2: Log in

Go to SoleMove's login page.

Choose Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Choose Log in using: Local

Log in with the information you have received via email.

Step 3: Create an application

Choose Application form for incoming student mobility if your exchange period will last more than 2 months. 

Choose Application form for short student mobility only if you will take part in a BIP course or other short programme (less than 2 months).

Choose application form for short student moblility if the exchange period is less than 2 months.

Click +New.

Choose S - Study if you plan to study for exchange at Novia. 

Choose P - Traineeship if you are applying for practice placement at Novia. 

Click Save.

Step 4: Fill in the application

Fill in all the required infomation (marked with *) and click Save. 

Note that telephone numbers must be written in international format, e.g. +358401122333.

While filling in the application, you might see the following icons: 

Warning sign: There is missing data under that tab.
Question mark: You can click on the question mark in order to see more instructions.
Missing date Missing data box: There are obligatory fields you haven’t filled in
Pencil sign: Click on the pencil to select an option from a list.
Save button: Remember to click Save after you have made changes to your application

Application for a practice placement in Nursing

For those who are applying for a Nursing placement, please write the following information under the Traineeship information-tab: 

  • what kind of ward you would like to practice in (internal medicine, surgery, home care, elderly care, other)
  • for how many weeks/ward
  • for how many hours/ward

NB! in Finland Nursing students work 40 hours/week, 8 hours /day during practice. It is not possible to work shorter days or just a few days per week. If you e.g. need 40 hours practice in surgery, you should only apply for one week in Finland even if you would only practice 20 hours/week in your home country.

Please mention, in Previous work experience in relevant field, what kind of wards you have practiced in previously and for how many weeks or hours/ward. We also need to know:

  • how many credits you have now and
  • how many credits you will have by the time your practice starts.

Application for a practice placement in another field

Please fill in under the Traineeship information-tab what kind of placement you would like to have and for how many weeks.

NB! It’s only possible to include a practice placement in your Learning agreement if practice placements are mentioned in the course offer.

Step 5: Upload enclosures

Under the Enclosures tab, please upload all required documents in English, Swedish or Finnish. 

Mandatory documents include:

  1. CV, preferably with photo
  2. Transcript of Records
  3. Portfolio - only required for Fine Arts or Media culture students. You can either upload your portfolio to SoleMove, or send us a link to your portfolio.

Start by clicking the pencil icon at the beginning of the row. Click Choose file and Upload file.

Click Return to go back to the list. 

Step 6: Check and send application

The warning sign should disappear once you have filled in all obligatory information and uploaded the required enclosures.

You can have an overview over your application under the Check and send application tab.

Click Send application for submitting your application.

Step 7: Submit a Learning Agreement

Learning Agreements for Studies shall be done online via the Erasmus Without Paper Network, after you have submitted your SoleMove application.

Learning Agreement for Traineeship is still, for the time being, done with the paper form. Please send us your Learning Agreement only after your have received a practice placement offer from us. 

The coordinator at your home university can give you more information about this matter. 

Below are guidelines on how you can fill in the Learning Agreement:

Receiving institution

Official name in Swedish: Ab Yrkeshögskolan vid Åbo Akademi

Name in English: Novia University of Applied Sciences

Erasmus code


Address (choose one)

  • Jakobstad campus: Köpmansgatan 10, 68600 Jakobstad

  • Raseborg campus: Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Ekenäs

  • Turku campus: Henrikinkatu , 20500 Turku

  • Vaasa campus: Wolffintie 33, 65200 Vaasa

Faculty (choose one)

  • Faculty of Bioeconomy
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Culture and Arts
  • Faculty of Health and Welfare
  • Faculty of Technology and Seafaring


Responsible person (choose one)

  • Vaasa and Jakobstad campus:

Mai Stenblad

International Coordinator

+358 50 307 5151

  • Turku and Raseborg campus:

Isabelle Bonnet 

International Coordinator

+358 44 762 3127

Study programme and recognition (including component code, component title at the receiving institution, semester, and number of ECTS credits)

Please check our courses in English. 


Do you need help?

Isabelle Bonnet

International Coordinator

Mai Stenblad

International Coordinator

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