GameJam 2024 i Jakobstad, foto Tobias Björkskog
Borderless Game Academy Gathered Students in Sweden and Finland for a Game Jam

Culture as a Force for Change News Vaasa Jakobstad/Pietarsaari
MaDaMe Project picture AI
Cyber-Secure Digital Fairway Services in Focus for Maritime Project in the Baltic Sea Area

Sustainable Shipping RDI
Gamejam januari 2024 webben
Design games with us at Global Game Jam 26-28.1! No previous experience needed!

Vaasa Jakobstad/Pietarsaari Event Culture as a Force for Change
Virtual Sea Traial press release webb
Virtual Sea Trial – Ensuring that a single shortened sea trial is sufficient to pass all future ship commissions 

Sustainable Shipping Press release
vetenskapskarnevalen 2023, loftet, projektet ung i förening. Foto Kai Martonen
Did you miss the Vaasa Arts and Science Carnival? Your favorite talk is now available online!

ARPA Unsplash
Seminar on Digitalization and Safety of Maritime and Technology Industry

Event Sustainable Shipping
Far i Finland
Open discussion: How to get local wool out on the market

Raseborg/Raasepori Systemic Transformation to Build Resilience Event
Campus Raseborg 2 bella
Lessons learned from Agroforestry project and Natural Fibers project to be discussed in December

Systemic Transformation to Build Resilience News