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The article “How Blockchain Facilitates the Transition toward Circular Economy in the Food Chain?”, was published in the Journal Sustainability in September 2022. The article is written by Ashkan Pakseresht, Senior Researcher at the Faculty of Bioeconomy at Novia University of Applied Science, Dr. Sina Ahmadi Kaliji from University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy and Dr. Vilma Xhakollari from Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

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From the abstract

Food loss and waste are two of the many problems that modern society is facing. To date, among many solutions, the circular economy is the one prevailing. A successful transition toward a circular economy (CE) requires the food sector to overcome the challenges of today’s complex food supply chains such as information asymmetry, poor cooperation among stakeholders, and concerns about food safety. Blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology, has been progressively gaining traction in supply chains in areas like data management, certifying product provenance and tracking products. Despite its importance, knowledge around the potential of the blockchain technology in facilitating the transition towards a circular economy in the agri-food sector is fragmented. This review provides evidence-based insights into the blockchain implementations in the food supply chains and the implications for CE. Our findings indicated four major areas that blockchain could accelerate CE in the agri-food sector: improving data utility; supply chain management efficacy; enhanced eco-efficiency; and superior traceability.

About the article

  • How Blockchain Facilitates the Transition toward Circular Economy in the Food Chain?
  • Authors: Ashkan Pakseresht, Dr. Sina Ahmadi Kaliji, Dr. Vilma Xhakollari
  • Published in Sustainability 2022, 14(18), 11754;


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