Kim Saulon, Nursing

kim saulonBachelor of Health Care, Nursing, Vaasa


I come from the Philippines. I graduated High School in my home country and after that I came to Finland to study a vocational course as a Practical Nurse.

About your choice of degree programme

I knew about the degree programme because of my friend who told us that the school was having an entrance examination. I had already graduated from my vocational education at that time. It was summer and I only applied to Novia UAS. When I graduated from my previous school I really planned to continue as a nurse but after the vocational school I went back home and visited my family. When I came back to Finland we continued to work during the summer and we did not know if we could continue during the autumn. Then my friend told me that Novia UAS has opened an entrance examination and then I tried to take the exam and I passed.

When I was young I dreamt about becoming a nurse because there are a lot of poor people who need help. I did not know that Novia UAS was teaching in English and have got a good education. The teachers are nice and willing to teach you. If you are having a problem in school they are willing to help you and guide you, which is really an advantage for a foreign student coming to a foreign country and school. There are also tutors who can help you in practical ways, especially when you are a beginner.

About the life as a student

When we were admitted to the school we had really fun with the tutors. They organized something fun and lot of activities like bowling, going to nice places, they even organized going to the zoo. During my free time I go to the gym, hang out with my friends and go to church. I am also a proud member of The Penguins (winter swimmers) in Vaasa. I meet good friends here in Vaasa, Swedish speaking and Finnish speaking and a lot of different people from different countries. I have learned a lot about different cultures which is really fun. In the winter it is really fun biking to school. Ice-skating is also fun, but not perhaps when I'm falling a lot.

Summer here in Finland is so nice. A lot of flowers and marvellous lakes, but summer here is so short. Autumn is also nice when the trees are changing colour, but spring is the best because it's a sign of summer.

Plans for the future

Now I have a 50% job from hälsovårdcentral in Korsholm so I think I will continue working there. I love my job and my co-workers are nice. My dream is also that I can do charity work in my home country. But for now I will focus on what I have and be happy about it. I also have plans to continue studying for a Master's degree, but we will see about that. I am still thinking about it.

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