Grace Richardson, Nursing

grace richardsonBachelor of Health Care, Nursing, Vaasa


I am from Ireland. I studied music, and linguistics in University College Dublin before beginning my studies in Nursing. I originally started studying my nursing bachelor degree in Ireland in one of the largest universities called University College Dublin (UCD). My class consisted of over 240 students in massive lecture theatres. I applied to do Erasmus in 2010 and was accepted, and began my exchange in February 2010. I loved my experiences of Finland so much that I decided to apply to complete my degree in Novia. I am enjoying having my freedom in Finland, learning about different cultures from my multicultural surroundings, and gaining my education from smaller classes (less than 20) where I can have more one on one time with teachers, and also form strong bonds with classmates.

About your choice of degree programme

I chose this programme after living in Vaasa on exchange for 12 weeks. I knew it would be the right decision for me as the classes were smaller, and I enjoy the atmosphere, and culture.

About the life as a student

In my free time I like to meet with the friends I have met since I moved to Vaasa. I have made some very strong friendships that will last a life time. On an average week day I might meet a friend for coffee, or a movie. On the weekends I like to go to the local bars, (usually Olivers Inn) with my friends. I find it quite important to have friends outside of my class friends that I can relax with, and take my mind off my studies every now and again. Whether it is heading for a coffee, ice-cream, or even a beer there is always something to do in Vaasa during my free time.

Plans for the future

After graduation I am unsure of what I will do. I hope to get some work in Vaasa and continue living here for a while. If I obtain a stable enough career, I would consider staying in Finland possibly long term but who knows yet. After this I plan to study for an extra year to expand my general nursing degree to midwifery, and a paediatric nurse. After a few years experience in these fields I hope like to apply to be a nursing teacher. So my life as a student is probably only beginning, but I love to learn new things so I am certainly not complaining.

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