Gildas Bambot, Nursing

gildas bambotBachelor of Health Care, Nursing, Vaasa


Cameroon, high school and other that are not related to Nursing but linked to the field of health.About your choice of degree programme: I applied for the same programme in three different schools but Vaasa was my priority because of the Swedish language I speak. I guess the international and multi-cultural nature of the degree programme is what I appreciate most. I wish others would apply, come and witness for themselves while studying the importance of multi-cultural atmosphere, gaining experiences while studying and/or working with experts in the field of nursing in providing care to the needy.

About the life as a student

I always find something to involve myself with during my free time such as computing, meeting friends, play football with others just to name a few.

Plans for the future

I guess, I'm still thinking but I may to continue study while working at same time

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