FAQ Nursing

1. Can I take the entrance examination for Nursing at another location than Vaasa, Finland?
No. The entrance examination for Nursing is only arranged in Vaasa, Finland, due to the nature of the entrance exam.

2. If I have already studied nursing related courses can I get them accredited if I am admitted?
Yes. If you have studied courses within the nursing field you can get them accredited by the Head of the Degree Programme, or a student counsellor after you are admitted to the programme if the course(s) correspond to the Nursing curriculum. There may be some testing involved before credits can be approved. The Admissions Services does not accredit courses.

3. Can I study Nursing courses at Novia UAS without being an admitted student?
Yes. If you live in Finland you can take courses through the Open UAS for a small fee. The Nursing programme can accept a few students through the open UAS only if the courses are not full.

4. When and where should I submit my health certificate?
An admitted student must provide a health certificate according to instructions given by the programme. Information will be available for new students during the summer.

5. Who is my Student Affairs Officer?
Maj-Len Dahl is the Student Affairs Officer for the Degree Programme in Nursing, read more about student services .

6. If I want to apply to the Nursing programme what should I do?
You can apply for degree studies at the Degree Programme in Nursing during the joint application period in January online at www.studyinfo.fi . Please also see the page about application for more information.

7. I am already a Registered Nurse in my home country, can I work in Finland?
The nurse profession is regulated in Finland. To work in the health care profession in Finland you must be authorized by Valvira. If you already have a nursing degree from your home country you can apply for recognition of your degree at Valvira. They can recognize your degree and give you a licence to work as a health care professional in Finland or recommend that you study more to obtain the licence. All graduates from Novia's Nursing programme get a licence from Valvira upon graduation.

8. I was registered as absent last year and I want to start my studies in the autumn, what should I do?
In May you should receive a form for registration of attendance/ non-attendance. Fill it in and return it to your Student Affairs Officer. If you have moved to another address please let the Student Affairs Office know so that the form is sent to the correct address.