Applying for a Transfer

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Applying for a transfer to Novia UAS is only possible if you are already studying in Finland at another UAS. The rules for transfers (change of UAS) at Novia UAS are regulated by the Degree Regulations, § 32.

To apply for a transfer (change of UAS) a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a study place at a UAS in Finland for studies which lead to the same Bachelor’s Degree within the fields of culture, and health care and social services a change can be granted only if you already have a study place at a Degree Programme (at a UAS in Finland) which gives the same qualification title as the Degree Programme you are applying for
  • Have been registered as attending for at least one academic year


The change can take place at the beginning of an academic term (1 January or 1 August). The deadline for applying for a transfer (change of UAS) is 15 May or 15 November before the desired change. Transfer students must submit an electronic application form through the service during the following application periods; 1-15 May (for studies beginning in the autumn) and 1-15 November (for studies beginning in the spring).