We are excited to announce two workshops: SCALGO by Dr. Helena Åström and UAVs by Dr. David R. Green and Senior Lecturer Romi Rancken.

Big data opens new possibilities for coastal management

In her SCALGO workshop, Dr. Åström will introduce a new kind of planning tool for spatial assessments, based on three decades of research at Aarhus University, that allows the planner to dive into large elevation models seamlessly and interactively. Symposium participants will be given a license to try and use SCALGO for the duration of the symposium!

UAVs for coastal monitoring, mapping and modelling

This workshop examines some of the current and future UAV, AUV, and USV technologies and sensors being used, for aerial and marine data collection, image processing, soft-copy photogrammetry, and AI tools and techniques for the collection, processing and extraction of information from UAV imagery. The session is illustrated with a number of example applications from Scotland, UK and Finland with an emphasis on off-the-shelf practical solutions. Some information sources are provided, together with some short example videos, the launch of a new SI on UAVs for Coastal Surveying, and a call for interest in collaborative funding.


Banner photo: Ekenäs Old Town by Johan Ljungqvist for Visit Raseborg.