Abstract Submission

There is room for a few more oral and poster presentations at CoastGIS 2021. We are evaluating additional abstract submissions on a rolling basis. If you would like to present at CoastGIS 2021, please submit your abstract to coastgis2021@novia.fi.


Submission guidelines

Abstracts must be written in English. Please follow exactly the style of this template including the following items. 


The abstract title written in lower case.


Names of all authors included and presenting author underlined.


All affiliations should contain institution, city, country and e-mail to the corresponding author.

Abstract text

Abstract text should not exceed 250 words. No tables, figures, key words or references are allowed in the abstract.

Presentation theme and type

Please indicate your preferred theme (from list below) and presentation type oral or poster below the abstract text.

Submit your abstract to the following email address coastgis2021@novia.fi. Please write "Abstract" in the subject field.



We invite you to submit your contribution related to, but not restricted to, the following themes.

General topics with examples are listed below.

Coastal surveys and mapping

  • Satellite applications
  • Seabed mapping
  • Ecological surveys 

 Data Analyses / Analytical approaches

  • Statistical modelling
  • Data bases and meta data
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Decision support for marine spatial planning and management
  • Conservation prioritization
  • Remote sensing and spatial analysis in coastal zone management


  • International perspectives / applications
  • Governmental perspectives / applications
  • Consumer / citizen perspectives / applications
  • GIS applications for fisheries and coastal resources management


Climate change

  • Impacts and adaptation of coastal settlements
  • Coastal vulnerability assessment – strategies for mitigation and adaptation

Coastal Societies

  • Demographic and social changes in coastal settlements

Scientific Committee

Please see the Committees page for a list of members of the Scientific Committee for CoastGIS 2021 in Raseborg.


Banner photo: Ekenäs Old Town by Johan Ljungqvist for Visit Raseborg.