WP5 - Communication

The aim of WP5 is to assist companies to overcome barriers regarding creation of networks and business ecosystems. In order to bring different types of companies and customer groups together, the project will arrange a series of networking events in the form of workshops.

The aim is to exchange knowledge and innovation among stakeholders in different supply chains and strengthen/develop these. The workshop themes will be set in discussion with the target groups. Based on preliminary discussions with companies and property owners, the project workshops are likely to concern 3D printing, new technical solutions for disassembling and reuse, business models, modern wood building technologies and property maintenance. Since companies, consumers and public sector are all key actors, the project will also look into the whole ecosystem by arranging two cross-sector CE Think Tanks, where a larger group of stakeholders can meet. The lecturers engaged for these workshops will be carefully chosen based on the results from the WP best practice investigations and study visits and in order to promote gender mainstreaming. The workshops will also be an opportunity for our regional companies to interact with international experts.

Planned workshops

Workshop 1 in Umeå in connection to Umeå Business Arena 2019
Purpose: Governance and business models in value networks.

Workshop 2 in Vasa in connection to Energy Week 2019
Purpose: Market for CE supply chains for property management, including both service providing companies and property owners.

Workshop 3 in Umeå in connection to Nolia
Purpose: Market for CE supply chain for companies offering 3D printed construction details.
3D printing is a game changing technology since only limited amount of material is used, resulting in less waste. Products can also be manufactured closer to the users, allowing for less transportation and pollution. 3D printing can also achieve better performance, as products can be adjusted to specific needs or individual circumstances.

Workshop 4 in Seinäjoki
Purpose: New CE technologies, product development and market for CLT and other wood product companies.

In addition, project results will be disseminated to external stakeholders through reports and articles in scientific and professional journals. The project end report will describe the state of the art on how circular economy is considered within the wood building ecosystem in the Botnia-Atlantica region. The report will also describe the effect the project has had on the target groups and their needs for further research and development.