About the project:


  • The target groups in this project are companies within the wood building industry as well as customer groups, like public and private property owners.
  • The overall goal for this project is to boost regional companies competitiveness on the international market by initiating new networks and business ecosystems and pilot CE solutions based on recognized success factors.
  • There can be several barriers when trying to adopt circular business models, for example attitudes toward change, lack of information and economy, difficulties in valuing future benefits against current costs, lack of technical and technological know-how and market factors. The project´s main goal is to support our regions small- and medium sized companies in overcoming these barriers.


About circular economy:


  • In addition of constructing new, there is also an urgent need to upgrade the existing building stock. The renovation debt of the building stock is extensive and still growing due to poor maintenance and repairs.
  • The goal in circular economy is to maximize the use of renewable materials within biological systems, and to extend the life of non-renewable materials within technical systems.
  • The benefits of CE are economical savings, significant environmental and social benefits and an opportunity to increase employment. When it comes to environmental benefits, a move towards CE is likely to cut CO2 emissions by almost 70 % by 2030.