Business Development

Projects and development within business development and entrepreneurship takes place at the Faculty of Business. Within the faculty there is a long history of working solution-centered and responding with an entrepreneurial mindset to the challenges of business life. We integrate missions from companies and organizations so that students can work on projects in service design, market analysis, business development and internationalization issues, and logistics, among others. Some of the studies are carried out within the students' own collaborative teams.

Novia UAS cooperates with Nordic organizations spearheading methodological development in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Our Knowledge

  • Collaboration between businesses, students, and colleges
  • Business development for SMEs
  • Support for start-up stage companies, including accelerator activities
  • Service Design and Design-Think, as well as customer focus in business
  • Digital marketing and Brand Development
  • International Business
  • Financial management and its digital platforms
  • Hospitality and Archipelago



  • Collaborations with colleges and students, for example through joint larger and smaller projects
  • Degree theses written with a focus on business or industry challenges
  • Student projects linked to specific themes (e.g., accounting, marketing, HRM, CRM)
  • Hackathons or similar events/collaborations between a larger group of students and one or more companies
  • Accelerator courses for municipalities or development companies wishing to strengthen the region's start-up activities
  • Tailor-made course units and collaborative projects to strengthen others' competence in our core areas


Research Manager