Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship

Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship is comprised of a team with expertise in various sectors of culture, such as the development of business conditions in visual arts, media, design, music, gaming industry, and theatre.

Our Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) department has a wide European network but is also strongly anchored in regional work. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting development activities and collaborations in the Ostrobothnia region, across Finland, and within Europe.

Our Knowledge

  • Business development in industries with weak business skills, especially in the so-called “post-business plan” era with tools such as Business Model Canvas, Value-Proposition Design (Value-Proposition Design), and Lean Startups
  • Entrepreneurial development in education. RDI in Pietasaari is part of Allegro Ink at the Allegro Campus and therefore has access to an exciting combination of skills around creativity, entrepreneurship, and pedagogy


Research Manager

More about us here (currently only available in Swedish).