Services for Businesses by Area

In order to capture great ideas and initiatives, which strengthen development in the localities where we operate, we are pursuing multiple research activities. We have built solid skills in project work, created good networks, and gained many faithful collaborators. We are always interested in new ideas – feel free to get in touch!

Automation and Maritime Simulation

Novia's maritime research activities specialise in simulation, which includes the development of simulation, virtual training methods, and practices that support learning practical skills. In research and development, we evolve new areas of application in ship simulation, which benefits both maritime safety and efficiency

Our Knowledge

  • Development of education, skills and competence, or learning materials (see WinMOS project)
  • Testing, research, and product development in a simulated environment
  • Marine safety development and research projects
  • Development of new technologies in the maritime sector


  • Testing of new sea lanes using a simulator
  • Testing of harbour docks
  • Assessment of Ship Commanding
  • Testing and development of navigation equipment

Sustainable Energy Technology

In Sustainable Energy Technology, we have strong Nordic cooperation networks and solid experience in project coordination and administration. The focus is on experimental and applied research, mostly linked to the various fields of education within the business and/or technology institution.

Our Knowledge

  • Measurement technology, instrumentation and process control
  • Automation, intelligent systems
  • Multivariate Analysis/Big Data
  • Wind power, wind measurements and analysis
  • Energy efficiency in greenhouses
  • Biogas
  • Energy-efficient construction and indoor environment
  • Mechanical engineering and motor research


  • Consultation on indoor environmental issues and environmental chemical issues
  • Wind measurement and analysis
  • Multivariate analysis and visualization of data
  • Vibrational Spectroscopic application
  • Laboratory scale digestion tests
  • Consultation regarding project administration


Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship

Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship is comprised of a team with expertise in the various sectors of culture, such as the development of business conditions in visual arts, media, design, music, gaming industry, and theatre. Our Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) department has a wide European network but is also strongly anchored in regional work. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting development activities and collaborations in the Ostrobothnia region, across Finland, and within Europe.

Our Knowledge

  • Business development in industries with weak business skills, especially in the so-called “post-business plan” era with tools such as Business Model Canvas, Value-Proposition Design (Value-Proposition Design), and Lean Startups
  • Entrepreneurial development in education. RDI in Pietasaari is part of Allegro Ink at the Allegro Campus and therefore has access to an exciting combination of skills around creativity, entrepreneurship, and pedagogy


Bioeconomy and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Research in Bioeconomics is conducted at the Raasepori Campus. We have solid project knowledge at regional, national, and international levels. The coast of Finland is a unique environment with great untapped potential. We want to be a developing force for small-scale diversity and resource intelligence. Additionally, we have many years of experience working with municipalities, trade associations, and producers in the convenience food sector. In municipal environmental management and planning, we have focused on gathering and processing information in an easy-to-manage, map-based format for different decision-making processes. We have already tested this in projects within the areas of sewage management and water area planning.

Our Knowledge

  • Project planning and implementation
  • Entrepreneurship in green sectors
  • Local-food, farm-to-table (small-scale food processing, resource wise farming methods)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) modeling, programming and analysis
  • Underwater mapping (dive and camera)
  • Knowledge of habitats, species, diversity, scientific methodology, ecology and evolutionary biology


Interprofessional Health and Welfare

We have a long history of experience with projects, especially EU projects, which is the result of well-developed collaboration with the surrounding regions. A skills center with opportunities for collaboration and relevant research cooperation in the region, as well as a concrete demonstration environment for healthcare technology is being planned.

Our Knowledge

  • The wellbeing and life conditions of the elderly, including with the large database GERDA (Gerontological Database)
  • Safe administration of medicine for the elderly
  • Safety and security of the elderly
  • Welfare technology
  • New methods in care pedagogy
  • Interprofessional work for better care in teams
  • Indoor air and health


Business Development

Projects and development within business development and entrepreneurship takes place at the Faculty of Business. Within the faculty there is a long history of working solution-centered and responding with an entrepreneurial mindset to the challenges of business life. We integrate missions from companies and organizations so that students can work on projects in service design, market analysis, business development and internationalization issues, and logistics, among others. Some of the studies are carried out within the students' own collaborative teams.

Novia UAS cooperates with Nordic organizations spearheading methodological development in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Our Knowledge

  • Collaboration between businesses, students, and colleges
  • Business development for SMEs
  • Support for start-up stage companies, including accelerator activities
  • Service Design and Design-Think, as well as customer focus in business
  • Digital marketing and Brand Development
  • International Business
  • Financial management and its digital platforms
  • Hospitality and Archipelago


  • Collaborations with colleges and students, for example through joint larger and smaller projects
  • Degree theses written with a focus on business or industry challenges
  • Student projects linked to specific themes (e.g., accounting, marketing, HRM, CRM)
  • Hackathons or similar events/collaborations between a larger group of students and one or more companies
  • Accelerator courses for municipalities or development companies wishing to strengthen the region's start-up activities
  • Tailor-made course units and collaborative projects to strengthen others' competence in our core areas


Research Manager Contact Information

John Dahlbacka, Research Manager, Sustainable Energy Technology, Vaasa
Mobile +358 (0)44 780 5730,

Marianne Fred, Research Manager, Bioeconomy, Raasepori
Telephone +358 (0)19 224 8409,

Therese Sunngren-Granlund, Research Manager, Arts, Culture, and Entrepreneurship, Pietarsaari
Mobile +358 (0)44 780 5887,

Mirva Salokorpi, Research Manager, Automation and maritime simulation, Turku
Mobile +358 (0)44 762 3532,

Annika Wentjärvi, Research Manager, Interprofessional Health and Welfare, Vaasa
Mobile +358 (0)44 780 5459,

Hanna Guseff, Research Manager, Business Development, Turku
Mobile +358 (0)44 762 3218,