Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari

Reserving a space at Novia's Campus Allegro in Pietarsaari:

Schauman Hall and Spaces Adjacent to the Hall

  • Schauman Hall, accommodates 356 people (with extra audience seats for 400 people).

  • Östra långgatan (large lobby space), accommodates approx. 200 people.

  • Södra tvärgatan (smaller lobby space), accommodates approx. 180 people.

  • Green Room, accommodates approx. 12 people. This room has with video conferencing access.

For more information about the spaces, as well as ready-made packages see

For more information and to make a booking, please contact

Lise Strand, Sales Secretary
tel. 045 108 9934,

Spaces for Music and Performing Arts


  • Black Box, stage room for theatre, dance, and music
  • Recording Studio, details can be found via
  • Meeting Room D1-231.
    This room has a projector and a PC.

  • Theory 1 D-330.
    This room has a smartboard and a Mac.

  • Chamber Music Hall D2-130, accommodates approx. 60 people.
    This hall has a projector.

  • Theory 3 K230, accommodates approx. 30 people.
    This room has a smartboard and a Mac.

  • Theory Lab, accommodates approx. 15 people.
    This room has a smartboard and 15 Macs.

  • Cast Room J122, J221, J222.
    These rooms are equipped with PA, drums, guitar and bass amplifiers, and keyboard or grand piano (teaching rooms for individual instruction can be rented according to availability).

For more information and to make a bookingplease contact

The spaces are rented out when they are not needed for teaching purposes and school projects, mainly during the weekends and summer months.

Spaces for Visual Arts


  • Lecture Hall B2 363, accommodates approx. 30 people.
    3 hours 150 euros + 50 euros/hour. This hall includes a computer, internet connection, video projector, whiteboard.

  • Theory Hall B3 361, accommodates 15-20 people.
    20 euros/hour. This hall has a video projector and a whiteboard.

In addition, the Visual Arts education department has various ”workshop" spaces which can be hired when they are not needed for teaching purposes. Please get in contact for more information on availability and prices:




  • Darkroom, traditional darkroom
  • Sculpture hall for works in plaster, clay, etc
  • Painting, a room for painting smaller objects
  • Metal workshop with welding spaces
  • Wood workshop, traditional ”handicraft hall” with machinery
  • Graphics workshop for depth and high pressure, as well as lithography
  • Fabric print
  • Photo studio, partially equipped
  • Professional telecine up to 4 x 5"

For more information and to make a booking, please contact

Allegro Office Spaces

 Tired of sitting at home at the kitchen table? In Campus Allegro, we offer several options for those who need an office. Rent your own office, rent a place in a creative office environment, or choose an office-to-go membership and come and go as you please!

For more information, please contact

Spaces for Video Conferencing

  • Meeting Room B3-246, accommodates approx. 12 people
  • Group Room B2-339, accommodates approx. 15 people


For more information and to make a booking, please contact

Practical Information

For catering reservations with room bookings at the Allegro campus, please contact Amica.

The spaces are rented out in the condition that they are in currently. Prices apply for rent during the Allegro Campus opening hours. Costs caused by unnecessary alarms are to be paid by the tenant. Damage caused to property or equipment is the responsibility of the tenant and they will be in charge of paying any costs incurred. Likewise, tenants are responsible for paying for any extra cleaning.

For questions regarding alarms, front doors, and gates, please contact

Kari Huurtela, Building Manager
tel. 050 369 1148,