In the seminars our researchers and collaborators will talk about issues and phenomena of current interest both in nature and society. The seminars are open to everyone and especially welcome interested students and others working at Campus Raseborg. 

Program for spring 2017


  •  2.2  Åsa Strand (Göteborgs universitet): Sustainable aquaculture and harvesting 
  • 16.2. Kalle Meller (University of Helsinki): CANCELLED
  • 2.3 Charlotte Angove (University of Helsinki) 
  • 16.3. Louise Lindroos (Novia) CANCELLED
  • 30.3. Miia Mannerla (University of Helsinki)
  • 13.4. Anna-Karin Almén (Novia)
  • 27.4 Katja Koli (University of Helsinki)


Program for autumn 2017