Otto Långvik

IMG 3824 USE

Special Researcher, FD

Bioeconomy Research Team 
Raseborgsvägen 9
FI-10600 Ekenäs

Mobil +358 40 727 0878





Research interests

• wood-based biomaterials, with a focus on hemicellulose
• functionalization of hemicellulose
• production of hydrogels and bio-composites
• LC-MS applications within environmental analysis
• enzymes and biocatalysis
• heterogeneous and immobilized catalysts
• reduction and hydrogenation reactions
• reactions under inert, oxygen free and dry conditions

Ongoing projects

AdMat - Novel Biomimetic Adsorption Materials Based on Lignocellulosic Composite Hydrogels

OPCW - Organic pollutants in coastal waters, plankton communities and benthic fauna