Bioeconomy Research Team in Raseborg

The Bioeconomy Research Team at Novia UAS is a direct follow-up to the Aronia research collegium, which was discontinued in the end of 2015.

The research team is an initiative for improving the interaction between academic basic research and applied research- and development. Our team is founded on a core group of Senior Researchers with their own externally funded research groups.

The Bioeconomy Research Team has been active since the beginning of 2016. We do goal oriented work to strengthen our knowhow and make Novia a central actor in the implementation of the national bioeconomic strategy. We do high-quality scientific research with a practical twist, to better deal with sustainable resource management.

In our view, future bioeconomy is a way to sustainably utilize and manage natural resources and ecosystem services. We work for an integrated view on bioeconomy, where multiple disciplines can meet and work towards ecologically and economically sustainable development.

You can read more about our projects and recent activities in our annual report.

If you want to know more about who we are, have a look at our personal homepages and contact details.

The research team is located at Novia campus Raseborg and is directed by docent Eva Sandberg-Kilpi, dean of Unit ÅboRaseborg.

Please take some time to browse, and do not hesitate to contacts us!