Meadow flowers in Raseborg - combating invasive alien species

Invasive alien species are a problem also in Raseborg. They make plant and animal species one-sided and thus reduce biodiversity. The purpose of the project was to take the areas occupied by alien species back to the natural plant species of the region through voluntary work. The project was run in the period 2021.

During the summer of 2021 there were about 80 events (in Finnish called ”talkoot”) where invasive species were eradicated in more than 15 locations throughout Raseborg. The events were organized with several partners: the city of Raseborg, Raseborgs Nature association, and village associations. Invasive species that were to be controlled were Himalayan balsam, Spanish slug, Japanese rose and Lupine.

The project organized altogether four days on invasive alien species for students in Sustainable Coastal Management and Forestry Engineering degree programs in Novia. Two trainees mapped invasive species and documented the results of the voluntary work. We also increased people’s awareness of alien species in information events and through the media.

During the project, a Spanish slug network was established to plan the control of Spanish slug in the future. The meeting of the invasive plant species network will be in the beginning of the year 2022. The purpose of the networks is to function as information channels, to involve people in the control of alien species and to cooperate with associations, the city and other large landowners.

The funding of the project came from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

Local associations involved in the project

  • Antskog Village Society
  • Fiskars Village Society
  • Hembygdens vänner i Snappertuna
  • Karjaa Horticultural Society
  • Mustio Village Association
  • Pohja Village Association
  • Raaseporin Luonto ry - Raseborgs Natur rf
  • Skogby Village Association


Photo: Novia forestry students removed invasive alien species, Japanese rose, from the shore environment in September 2021/ Kaisa Kauranen.